Microfiber & More Complete Pad Cleaning System

Item # KIT-S-19102

  • Kit includes: S-19102 blue pad bucket with lid, HT8 hand trowel, WW8 wall wash frame, AHAN telescopic handle, 2 ea of white pads, blue pads and glass pads
  • Also 2 each of long loop green, red, blue pads
Alternate #KIT-S-19102
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The cleaning industry has changed from the standard cotton rag and dust mops of yesteryear. Cleaning efficiency is much greater when you use tools like the microfiber cleaning pad kit. This is the perfect kit for cleaning just about everything from desks and tables to walls and restroom partitions. This microfiber pad cleaning kit will make your cleaning tasks much easier. Order yours now.

Microfiber Wall Wash Pad Cleaning Systems are the perfect tool for cleaning walls, ceilings, restrooms, or any other hard to reach area. These microfiber wall-wash pads are preferred by housekeeping professionals throughout the cleaning industry. They are used in healthcare applications in patient rooms that are crowded with furniture and equipment. The smaller size of the microfiber wall pad makes them ideal for cleaning areas like walls and ceilings which put the user in awkward positions. A larger pad would be much harder to move across a wall or ceiling since the microfibers actually grab the surface it’s cleaning. This makes the microfiber wall wash pad system great for disinfecting an entire patient room in a hospital, preparing sanded walls and ceilings for paint, and many other applications.